A Consensus Conference on the professional training and competence standards in Interventional Pulmonology was organized in 2015-2016 by the Italian University Master of Florence University in order to describe the professional profile of an Interventional Pulmonologist and the training process needed in order to achieve a level of competence that enables participants to perform and manage all the main knowledge and procedures in IP. The curriculum and the recommendations for the training program were developed by a faculty of specialized Pulmonologists with proven clinical and teaching experience involved in the Italian University Master of Florence University, (a dedicated fellowship in IP), also with the support and teaching of international experts. This document should be considered a starting point that will evolve over time and result in better training for practitioners and better care for our patients.

Download Report of the Consensus Conference on Training and Competence Standards for the Interventional Pulmonology Master Program in Italy


Lorenzo Corbetta, University of Florence, Director of the Training Programme and Master in Interventional Pulmonology, Florence

Marco Patelli, Adjunct Professor in Interventional Pulmonology, University of Florence and Bologna